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The reason why The Grind known to be pioneers in the market is due to their extraordinary services that surpassed its customer’s expectations. Founded in the UK till now this company has successfully opened in more than 300 locations around its kingdom. This brand manufactures Nicotine Salts which consists of salt based nicotine allowing easy vaping experience than other higher electronic juice. They are another form of nicotine which is now used by millions instead of the traditional freebase.


There are different types of Nicotine salts products such as The Grind Cappuccino, The Grind Caramel Macchiato, The Grind Vanilla Latte and The Grind Mochaccino. The best thing is about these products is satisfaction.People will be completely satisfied. These products are backed with better quality and unlike freebase products, the flavor of these products has no smoke and thus don’t cause any harmful effects.

The Grind Cappuccino:-

The Grind Cappuccino is the perfect post-dinner vape. Delicious, piping hot espresso flavor topped off with light and airy foam and swirled together with sweet creamy milk.

Nicotine strength ranges from 0mg to 6mg.

Quantity comes in mostly 100ml.

The Grind Vanilla Latte:-

This contains sweet vanilla, full-fledged espresso and hot milk with steam which makes it a memorable experience of vaping. The juice comes from a vanilla latte.

Mostly comes in 100ml quantity.

Nicotine strength ranges from 0mg to 6mg.

The Grind Mochaccino:-

This contains a sweet combination of coffee and chocolate. It's a blend of awesome chocolate, robust espresso and steamed creamy milk which comes out as a foam.

This also comes mostly in 100ml quantity.

Nicotine strength ranges from 0mg to 6mg.

Here is a list of some awesome reasons to buy THE GRIND products-

Nicotine salts are less harmful and safer as compared to freebase products because it has less smoke in flavor and thus reduces several harmful effects. The health arm of the UK government, Public Health England, has surveyed and found that it is at least 95% safer than any other brands products.

It is more satisfying than other brands. If someone wants to reduce the amount of vape because the nicotine hit is more satisfying.

It is very smoother than freebase product. If someone finds harsher on throat then they can go for THE GRIND products.

These are cheaper than freebase traditional product.

Research in Great Britain shows that 2 million out of 3 million people have completely stopped smoking traditional regular cigarettes as these are made for the sole purpose to reduce smoking habits.

Why buy THE GRIND from VapeNow:-

Here are few reasons to ensure that VapeNow is the best place for buying online products:-

Primary reason is same day delivery in Delhi NCR and next day express delivery in metropolitan cities. Packaging of the product is our foremost priority and cash on delivery options are available for user convenience. Best price guarantee and free shipping charge above Rs 4000.

We only sell good quality of products. We follow strict rules to ensure that quality is never compromised. We have sold more than 4000 THE GRIND Products in the past 6 months.

If you don’t trust these words here are some user reviews:-


I was worried about ordering online for the sake of the product being fake, but this product was completely real and I am 100% satisfied with my product. I will be ordering from this website again. REVIEW BY GEETIKA SWAMI / (POSTED ON 12/18/2018)


I quit smoking cigarettes the day I got the THE GRIND PRODUCTS! REVIEW BY AMIT PANDEY / (POSTED ON 12/18/2018)