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About JUUL Accessories –

We are selling JUUL Accessories consists of JUUL USB Charging Dock and Juul compatible charger "The Gem Magnetic JUUL USB Charger". It is like a USB flash drive and can satisfy the needs of smokers. When any user sucks on the mouthpiece, and then water vapor is generated by a heating element called as Aerosol and this aerosol is inhaled by the user which contains no tobacco.

JUUL USB Charging Dock:-

  • Charge from your MAC, PC, or any USB Port
  • No Messy Cables
  • Small, sleek design

The Gem Magnetic JUUL USB Charger- This charger is meant for JUUL devices such as Portable Systems. The GEM charger can connect from a USB to Magnetic Connections or USB to Micro USB Connections.

Where we can buy JUUL Accessories?

The best place to buy online JUUL Accessories is VapeNow. Any user can visit the website and verify the product from reviews and suggestions of other customers and then can proceed further to buy. The product has been imported into India by a third party from the USA and then being sold on VapeNow. All these products are covered under replacement warranty provided by VapeNow. Now the question comes that why someone would prefer VapeNow as there are several different brands? What makes VapeNow standout from other brands?

Why should anyone buy from VapeNow?

Here are few reasons to ensure that VapeNow is the best place for buying online products:-

Primary reason is same day delivery in Delhi NCR and next day express delivery in metropolitan cities. Packaging of the product is our foremost priority and cash on delivery options are available for user convenience. Best price guarantee and free shipping charge above Rs 4000. We only sell good quality products. We follow strict rules to ensure that quality is never compromised. We have sold more than 4000 JUUL Accessories in past 6 months.

If you don’t trust these words here are some user reviews:-


I was worried about ordering online for the sake of the product being fake, but this product was completely real and I am 100% satisfied with my product. I will be ordering from this website again. REVIEW BY GEETIKA SWAMI / (POSTED ON 12/18/2018)


I quit smoking cigarettes the day I got the Juul! REVIEW BY AMIT PANDEY / (POSTED ON 12/18/2018)